Orlando Watson


Orlando J. Watson is a dedicated and compassionate attorney with a strong commitment to justice and advocacy. He graduated from Belmont University College of Law in 2017 and Middle Tennessee State University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Education and Leadership: Mr. Watson's legal journey began at Belmont University College of Law, where he earned his law degree in 2017. During his time at law school, he served as the President of the Black Law Student Association, actively promoting diversity and inclusivity within the legal community. He further demonstrated his commitment to community engagement by assuming the role of Director for the Street Law educational program. In this capacity, he helped educate neighboring communities about their rights when encountering law enforcement, empowering individuals to make informed decisions.

Professional Dedication: Mr. Watson's dedication to public service and social justice is exemplified by his professional experience. Prior to joining the Rozen Law Group, he served as an advocate for marginalized and low-income communities at the non-profit organization NAICA. Through his efforts, he contributed significantly to the fight against homelessness, offering legal assistance to those in need. His expertise extended to various aspects of tenant rights, where he skillfully handled non-payment proceedings, holdover cases, overcharge complaints, and warranty of habitability disputes. His work was characterized by his unwavering commitment to ensuring fair and equitable treatment for all.

Bar Admission: Admitted to practice law in New York in April of 2022. 

Philosophy: Orlando J. Watson is driven by the belief that the law should be a tool for positive change and empowerment. He is dedicated to using his legal expertise to amplify the voices of the underserved and to champion their rights. Through his collaborative approach and comprehensive understanding of tenant rights and advocacy, he continues to make a meaningful impact within the legal community.