Illusory Tenancy

Have you been issued a sublease, rather than a lease by either the landlord or owner of an apartment or by a tenant that has the lease for the apartment? Some landlords or prime tenants will issue a sublease in an attempt to create an “illusory tenancy” in an effort to charge the tenant more rent than the legal rent. If you have been issued a sublease and you reside in a building that has 6 or more units, it will be worthwhile for you to get a copy of your rent history from HCR. If you can establish that you are the victim of an illusory tenancy scheme, you may be entitled to a proper rent stabilized lease at the legal rent in your name as well as a refund of any rent that you overpaid.

The attorneys at RLG have expertise in navigating these difficult issues and have successfully obtained rent stabilized leases at lower rates and reimbursement for overcharges for tenants in which either a landlord or a tenant takes advantage in an illusory tenancy scheme.