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We aren't just preserving NYC's affordable housing stock, we are protecting people's homes. Rozen Law Group prides itself on personal attention to each case and to each client. Our team is focused on zealous representation and effective advocacy. Our attorneys provide thoughtful, clear and strategic advice.  

Our office serves tenants, cooperative shareholders, condo owners, tenants and condo associations and commercial tenants. We are proud to be one of NYC's only law firms to handle tenant side cases exclusively. 

The attorneys at Rozen Law Group also fight debt collectors, banks, and credit card companies on behalf of consumers. We advocate on behalf of people who are struggling to meet their financial obligations and need to negotiate payment plans, individuals who have been wrongfully denied credit as a result of inaccurate credit reporting, and consumers who have been the victim of identity theft.

Feel free to reach out to us to determine how our team can assist you.

  • Rent Stabilized And I Didn’t Know It!

    You could be rent stabilized and entitled to important protections and lower rent. Obtain your rent history here. Challenging the status of your apartment may benefit you and future New Yorkers

  • This Apartment is the Pits!

    Every New Yorker is entitled to a safe home that includes adequate heat, hot water and functioning appliances. We can explain your legal rights and remedies available to you if your landlord is not providing you with a habitable home.

  • Eviction Prevention

    Our mission is to keep New Yorkers in their homes. We defend tenants facing eviction and do not represent landlords.

Commitment to New Yorkers

RLG’s team has a fervid interest in preserving, protecting and expanding NYC’s affordable housing stock.

Our commitment to our clients

RLG’S lawyers are committed to ethical billing, working as efficiently as possible, and to tireless dedication to every client.

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