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JUL. 12, 2022

Our landlord is selling our building. What can we do to protect ourselves?

It can be unsettling to find out a new landlord is buying the building you rent in. You may be wondering how the new owner will run the place and what kind of changes you'll see.


JUL. 9, 2022

How Do I Prevent My Newspaper Deliveries From Being Stolen?

Without the cooperation of building management, a delivery person has no option but to dump papers in a spot where anyone can grab them. Despite declining print subscriptions, newspapers are still, apparently, hot items frequently plucked from unsecured building vestibules.


MAY 11, 2022

Can I negotiate with a landlord over a rent hike for a stabilized apartment?

Is it possible to negotiate with a landlord over a rent increase in a rent-stabilized apartment? Landlords of rent-stabilized apartments can't increase the rent when your lease is up for renewal by more than the percentages outlined annually by the Rent Guidelines Board.


JAN. 12, 2022

Housing advocates sound alarm on eviction crisis as some tenants kicked out illegally

Rozen Law Group filed an action in Supreme Court against an unscrupulous and abusive landlord who forcefully and illegally evicted tenants from their home. Our lawyers will seek the maximum penalties and damages in order to make our clients whole.


JAN. 1, 2022

The Work in My Building Is Endless and Invasive. Can I Withhold Rent?

A landlord is entitled to reasonable access to a tenant's apartment. But there are limits, and now is not a good time to be fighting with renters.


NOV. 27, 2021

Business Activity Makes My Building Unsafe. What Can I Do?

Commercial space in a residential building may be permitted, but by law, your safety and well being come first.


OCT. 24, 2020

How to Pressure Your Landlord to Keep Your Building Safe

Landlords are required to provide a minimum level of security. Anything beyond that may require action from the tenants.


JUL. 22, 2020

NYC Private Tenant Bar Condemns Plan To Resume Trials

Twenty members of the private tenant bar in New York City are urging a top administrative judge to reverse his decision to resume in-person and virtual housing court trials next week, citing due process and safety concerns in light of the coronavirus pandemic.


JUN. 20, 2020

So You Got a New Bike. Where Are You Supposed to Store It?

Your apartment hasn't gotten any bigger, and you need to store your bike without making the place unlivable. Here are some options.


NOV 17, 2018

My Apartment Building Has Become a Dormitory. How Do I Get Out?

It's not easy to break a lease simply because your neighbors are too young, but if you organize with other aggrieved renters, you could win some concessions.


MAY 20, 2018

Behind New York’s Housing Crisis: Weakened Laws and Fragmented Regulation

It's no secret that NYC's housing court system is a broken one. Rent stabilized and controlled units are disappearing as more tenants are pushed out of their homes through buyouts and baseless lawsuits that deplete them of their resources, forcing them to flee their homes.

Jennifer Rozen of RLG represented the tenants of 25 Grove in their HP action against the landlord, who engaged in hazardous and disruptive construction in the building and failed to provide tenants with cooking gas for more than a year. Through the litigation, Jennifer secured a sizable rent abatement for the tenants as well as reimbursement for their legal fees. Read the article below for additional details.


Jan. 6, 2018

How Difficult Is It to Break a Lease

Rozen Law Group's Jennifer Rozen was featured in the New York Times. Read her response to a tenant's question regarding the difficult of breaking a lease in New York City and the nuances between getting out of a market rate v. rent stabilized lease.


May 20, 2017

When a Roommate Won't Pay Up

A New York Times Reporter asked Jennifer Rozen for some guidance on behalf of a tenant that was having roommate troubles. Read her response to that question here along with an explanation of if and when a tenant whose name is on the lease can raise their non-tenant roommate's rent. 


Feb. 14, 2015

Feeling the Heat From a Property Manager

New York City winters can be cold and and bitter! Read Jennifer Rozen's legal advice, which was published in the New York Times. She provides valuable insight regarding a tenant's rights to adequate heat.