Harassment by Landlords

Tenants in New York City will often experience harassment by their landlords.  You can almost guarantee that you will be harassed at some point if you are a rent-regulated tenant. Common forms of harassment, by landlords include an intentional deprivation of heat, hot water or cooking gas. Sometimes a landlord will refuse to fix recurring water leaks or will refuse to properly remediate mold or lead paint. Landlords also use construction as harassment. This occurs when tenants are exposed to:  unsafe work done without the required permit during renovations of vacant apartments, construction debris such as lead dust and asbestos containing material dust, work taking place after hours, etc. Finally, a tenant can experience harassment when their landlord pressures them into taking a buyout or money in exchange for giving up their rent regulated apartment.

We can help! Our attorneys have years of experience assisting NYC tenants that are being harassed by their landlords.