Fair Debt Collection Practices

The Fair Debt Collection Practices act, better known as the, “FDCPA” is a federal law that protects people from unfair or abusive debt collection practices.  This law gives every consumer the legal right to dispute the debt either in writing or orally via phone.  It also dictates the manner in which a debt collector is allowed to contact you. Most importantly, consumers have a right under the FDCPA to demand that debt collectors stop contacting them.  The FDCPA applies to third party debt collectors and companies or law firms that regularly engage in debt collection, but does not apply to companies attempting to collect their own debt.

If you're being harassed by a debt collector, or if they are calling your workplace, neighbors and family members about your debt, your rights may have been violated. Consumers have the right to sue debt collection companies for violations of the FDCPA to recover damages and attorney's fees. Contact Rozen Law Group. We can help you end the harassment and will seek compensation on your behalf.