Commercial Litigation for Tenants and lease negotiations

  • Yellowstone injunctions: this phrase is legal lingo for a Supreme Court action that is brought by a commercial tenant to stop the landlord from terminating a tenancy based on the claim that the tenant is in breach of the lease. If you are a commercial tenant that has received a Notice of Termination from your Landlord, it is imperative that you seek counsel right away to avoid being evicted from your space.
  • Lease negotiations: commercial leases in NYC are lengthy and complicated. Don't get bogged down by all of the legalese. Let our experienced team of attorney's sift through the paperwork for you and explain what is important and where to propose changes to the terms.  
  • Litigation involving commercial tenants. It's no secret that commercial tenants in NYC have significantly fewer rights than residential tenants. Despite that, if your landlord is in breach of your lease and/or is not maintaining your commercial space, you have rights and remedies available to you that we can help you navigate.

Real Estate Closings on Behalf of Buyers

  • The real estate market in New York can be defeating. Once an offer on your dream home or apartment has been accepted, Rozen Law Group can assist you in the purchase of a private house, condo or co-op. Our representation includes:
    • Review and negotiation of contracts of sale;
    • Due diligence and title review;
    • Drafting escrow agreements and powers of attorney;
    • Closings.

Rozen Law Group's attorneys are experienced in simplifying and explaining each step of this process to our clients.